Just a heads up.

We take up to 6 but 4-5 can be a more comfortable fit on a 31 foot boat. 

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* Offshore Groundfish Trip *

Approximately an 8 hour trip traveling about 30 miles offshore, fishing in 200-400 feet of water. We catch cod, haddock, pollack, cusk, hake and possibly shark. You might even get to do some whale watching. 

All rods, tackle, bait and instruction provided. All fish are filleted and packaged for you to take home. This tends to be our most popular trip.                    

                                                     Rate.....$950                                                                (I do bring a mate on all the offshore and some of the inshore trips,we are running a lot of trips and becomes essential to have good crew. It is customary to tip usually between 10-20% if you feel he/she did a good job. Thank you)                                      



* Shark Trip *

These are some of our most exciting and productive trips. We travel anywhere from 15 to 30 miles out, set up a chum slick and ring the dinner bell. We use Penn 50 reels, a harness to support the rod for added comfort and all bait, tackle and assistance are provided. A variety of sharks live in these waters including Blue sharks, Porbeagle, Thresher and Mako. By my own experience, I can tell you this is not just a charter for men. I have had many women on the shark trips who have had a great time. We are proud to say we've recently joined the NMFS tagging program which helps provide scientific research on sharks.

  8 Hour Trip           Rate...$950

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* Bluefin Tuna *

Bluefin Tuna are one of the most amazing fish on the planet. They are some of the smartest and fastest fish in the ocean with the world record being close to 1500 pounds. Every season we see fishermen out of Portland harbor land tuna between 800 to over 900 pounds. It's amazing to witness the bend of the rod and hear the line screaming off the reel. I think it's only fair to tell you these trips are not always action packed, if you want action I would recommend a shark or groundfish trip.  However, I can guarantee it will always be a thrill to be pursuing such an incredible prey out on the open ocean.

It is also not uncommon on a tuna trip to see a variety of wildlife including whales, seals, dolphins and an incredible array of sea birds in their natural habitat.  

  I would recommend you give me a call and we'll discuss your expectations and whether we are seeing fish in the area and overall chances. These tend to be slower trips, a big waiting game with chance of a huge payoff. 

 *Due to federal regulations, all giant tuna over 73" are the property of the boat and will be sold commercially. 


 8 Hour trip            Rate...$950 

Inshore Groundfish Trip*

This is a 4+ hour trip where we head out about 5-7 miles past famous Portland Headlight and the Islands and go to one of the ledges and fish for ground fish. Sort of an introduction to offshore fishing.  We catch a variety of fish from cod to mackerel to small porbeagle sharks.  This is a very popular trip and a good alternative when striper fishing is slow. This trip gives you a totally different perspective and appreciation of seeing the beautiful Maine coast from the water.

                                                                                                              Rate... $495


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*Inshore Striped Bass & Bluefish*

We usually run these trips as 4 hour charters. These are 2 of my favorite sportfish but the availability of striped bass are dependent on several factors such as water temperature and feed. I would recommend you call me when you're thinking of booking so I can share my experience & local up-to date info on what we might expect to catch. My goal is for you to catch fish and have a great time.


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*Family Mackerel*

These trips are usually a lot of fun. We spend a couple hours on the water. Even though mackerel are not real big fish, they put up a great fight and kids can quickly learn how to catch them. The parents always enjoy the experience as well. An added bonus is you get to see the Portland Harbor and Islands as well.                    





* Harbor Cruise *

It's truly a different world experiencing Portland and the Islands from the water.  Surprisingly, most people that live here never get to do it. !! Whether it's a romantic cruise up through Diamond pass, a lighthouse tour around the islands or going to find some seals at halfway rock. This is a relaxing fun time right on your doorstep.We can conveniently pick you up right in Portland.                                                       2+ Hours                   Rate....$295